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this is where we store all of our extra creative energy. Some projects are for sale, some are under contract in production and some are still in the development stages. We’re always interested in teaming up with other creatives on TV, Digital Series, Film, or Screenplay concepts. If you have something you want to throw our way for review, shoot us an email. We’ll get back to you quicker than you think.

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An edgy, comedic cooking TV show format hosted by British Chef Richard Knight and his wife Carrie with a Table to Farm twist. They visit farmers and food industry leaders that are passionate about sustainable farming, animal welfare, cooking and culture. There, they cook a meal and cheers a glass la good people making good food for the good of the community.
Episodes are currently in production, submitted to film festivals and awaiting their next stage in life which Is to be picked up by a network or streaming service.
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Show Us Your Goods - Trailer

Show Us Your Goods - Episode 1 - Goat Feta Flatbread

Show Us Your Goods - Episode 2 - Community Sandwich

This ‘Table to Farm’ series of pop up dinners is challenging toadies to travel to the farms their food is coming from meet the farmers doing the work, learn about the processes the farmers are using to create their products and have a meal sourced directly from the farm by fames Beard Nominated British Chef Richard Knight and his wife carne and they team up with other like minded chefs along the way donating time, talent and proceeds to local communities. This film accounts one of the communities that have greatly benefitted from their Dinners. Breaking Bread is the foundation and inspiration for the TV show Show Us Your Goods.
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